Outdated, Dangerous and Dead : When to Replace Motorcycle Gear

7 Grd 2017
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Still using Grandpa’s old riding jacket? How about that special-edition helmet from Stoner’s last championship? Maybe you shouldn’t be. Or maybe you should. Here’s our take on how long motorcycle gear can last.
0:34 - New Motorcycle Helmet (5 years): frt9.co/fy1hxm
2:36 - Scott No Sweat Helmet Beanie: frt9.co/g0udlg
4:03 - New Motorcycle Gloves (20,000 km): frt9.co/jjuoee
4:45 - New Reflective Jacket (7 years): frt9.co/3caicd
5:22 - New D3O Armor (4 years): frt9.co/mwokri
6:29 - Motul Leather Cleaner and Protector: frt9.co/kxgfqq
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  • Looks like that big, annoying orange thing in the oval office is retiring after 4 years.

    HHPrieš mėn
  • You mean I can't have a cute boy drive me around while I stick my head out the window and demolish mailboxes with my fucking head without ruining the helmet? This blows.

    That'sWhatSheSaidThat'sWhatSheSaidPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I had a pair of Harley Davidson brand motorcycle boots. I wore them for 13 years, until the rubber sole literally broke apart.

    Tae Young AhnTae Young AhnPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I salut you, Ryan, my bible and my guide. I'll be getting om a bike I call my own this Thursday!

    kiuhlahlakiuhlahlaPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • so rep,ace everthing a 4 years ok

    TerTlsTerTlsPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Hey Ryan. Love, love, love your work. Silly point that many have raised, "Why would someone thumb down your video?"

    Lawrence AtkinsonLawrence AtkinsonPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • So having a helmet that you just got April 2020 and look at the manufacture date is 2013 does that mean it’s expired or is it 5 years after purchase?

    BIG M DBIG M DPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • I watch these videos the AVOID politics. But... I am glad that Trump has triggered another lefty nutter.

    JeanLuc LaBarreJeanLuc LaBarrePrieš 4 mėnesius
    • found the guy with the tiny penis. quit compensating

      The Man with No NameThe Man with No NamePrieš 2 mėnesius
  • I have a textile jacket I used like 7 times in the summer of 2012. No wear. Would this be safe?

    stringsnarestringsnarePrieš 4 mėnesius
  • The Canuck had to display his TDS because Trump stopped Canada's unfair trade practices which they used to subsidize their "free" healthcare system and now we don't pay for it they do 👍Oh can-a-duh Oh can-a-duh

    BulldozerBulldozerPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Greetings from the USA! I only hope that orange bastard is about to retire

    Mike SpauldingMike SpauldingPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Well crap, my Helmet has a 2009 DOT date, and my gloves aren't much behind. Jacket is probably 6 years.. Boots.. I wear CSA safety water proof swat boots all the time, on bike and off.. those wear out in about 18-24months.

    gold5thgold5thPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • There were studies done about helmets. Some helmets were still safe 20 years later. Some were not safe 1 year later. There was no correlation with price.

    johncaiwajohncaiwaPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Pop warner football should watch this , some of the helmets they issue young boys has lost up to 80% of its protective ability and is dangerous, I’m so glad the local school district created a school football program and kicked the in crowd that runs PW to the curb 💯 👍

    Big TravisBig TravisPrieš 6 mėnesių
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  • I like Trump, but that was funny........

    hotrodsatherhotrodsatherPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • Ryan no doubt does this, but he didn't mention it. Before replacing your water proof gear, give it a good technical wash. It may just be microscopically dirty. Most folks don't properly wash them, then think it's "old" and throw it out. What a waste.

    Matthew ZobianMatthew ZobianPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • Love the crickets at :53. Ryan is the best.

    Matthew ZobianMatthew ZobianPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • Buy a lewis leathers super Bronx horsehide jacket,.........40 years later......

    andrew allenandrew allenPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • I

    Johannes SchneiderJohannes SchneiderPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • Jeans?

    amigo993amigo993Prieš 7 mėnesių
  • Thanks for trying to be objective about helmets. It's extremely off-putting when established Cycle publications (you know who you are) end up with something like: "We asked helmet manufacturers whether you should give them more money now or later. You'll be *shocked* at what they said!"

    Marco LuomaMarco LuomaPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • the lifespan makes sense, when things get bathed in sunlight they get brittle.

    JimmyJimmyPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • i don‘t even have a bike, yet i‘m here.

    TheOsnovisTheOsnovisPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • I replaced the padding in my arai rx7, cheaper than a new one, but damn, that stuff is expensive.

    Kevin HibbardKevin HibbardPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • the only thing that affects the shell is UV light and make the shell brittle over several years

    _W00D_SH0CK__W00D_SH0CK_Prieš 7 mėnesių
  • And people wonder why I like leather...

    AnimeSunglassesAnimeSunglassesPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • Thanks for the excuse for a new helmet!!

    Cerberus DogsCerberus DogsPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • Didn't you answer the question on your thumbnail?

    Awesome HAwesome HPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • i think it's bad that i've never had a new helmet i always get my brothers old ones 😂😂 and i've has mine for 6 years now

    michael walkermichael walkerPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • Not gonna lie old bike helmets have their charm.

    XerroxifyXerroxifyPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • One final note on helmets: If you are one of the few that actually races motorcycles, you will be getting a new helmet every five years anyway. Most race organizations require current Snell stickers. Racers sweat a lot too so you'll want a fresh lid.

    James DarnellJames DarnellPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • few snowflakes probably would never phase such a lovely polite canadian

    Stephen SullivanStephen SullivanPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • 70,000 kms?! Every year or two?

    Michael JordanMichael JordanPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • Welcome to Canada where most of us love bashing the big cheeto and damned if you'll stop us because it's hilarious to see the half formed sentences of the ones who have a problem with it.

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  • I love your videos. Informative and funny. Thank you. Keep it up!

    Josh RamseyJosh RamseyPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • Can i use a 10 year old helmet that has never been used? Or does time make it weak?

    AvocadoAvocadoPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • Fortnine.... more like fortnite

    Delvin MartindaDelvin MartindaPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • ***not related to video, but channel*** i saw that i had not subscribed to this channel despite quite frequently watching the videos. then i remember awesome gear showing here makes me depressed because i don't have the money to buy them.

    Sunny RajkarnikarSunny RajkarnikarPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • Another note for waterproofing: if you ever need to wash your waterproof items, hand wash them and don’t use much detergent. You can wreck the membrane with too much soap and agitation

    Owen CooperOwen CooperPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • Me over here using a helmet from 1983 😂

    LandonProdutions BradenLandonProdutions BradenPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • About helmet factory date after 3 years = don't buy it ?

    Rex LeeRex LeePrieš 9 mėnesių
  • I really need to get some new gloves, mine have more than 70.000 km and don't get so tight anymore.

    Fábio PereiraFábio PereiraPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • I busted a few membranes in my time.

    Bad SantaBad SantaPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • So you’re saying that buying a second helmet when they retired that model, just so I don’t have to find a different one that fits right, and leaving it in the box for 4 years and counting, was probably not a good idea...

    Mark DMark DPrieš 10 mėnesių
  • Is that a cricket around 55 seconds? Lol.

    Road ConeRoad ConePrieš 10 mėnesių
  • We do all of this at my shop and explain all of this. Also just buy an Arai. Bets helmet in the world.

    s70driver2005s70driver2005Prieš 10 mėnesių
  • Im rocking a $8 helmet for 4 years n 35k km

    ShawnShawnPrieš 10 mėnesių
  • While we love our northern, frozen brethren in ol' frigid Canada, down in the US we stubbornly are holding on the the mile/pound (royal) standard. Your fan base in the tea dumping States of North America would appreciate the conversion when explaining... stuff... Gracias!

    Ramon BurgosRamon BurgosPrieš 10 mėnesių
  • In Canada you legally have to wear a helmet newer then 10 years old, but there’s literally no enforcement of it or possible enforcement

    Maxi ?!?Maxi ?!?Prieš 10 mėnesių
  • @3:54 Yes, if you don't care whether or not you wear a "brick" on your head. ;)

    Red PhoenixRed PhoenixPrieš 10 mėnesių
  • 4:51 lmao xD Ps: my trousers wear a lot in the butt area...

    Daniel HristovDaniel HristovPrieš 10 mėnesių
  • Other than the helmet you replace stuff when it looks or feels worn out. It's the same with ski or hockey gear. If it still works, it's good. Except the helmet. Most people can keep one helmet for 20 years because it sits in the garage and only comes out occasionally but if you get a good crack to the head or it is showing discoloration from weathering it should be replaced, which is the same for ski and bike helmets. Hockey and football helmets I am not sure since they are getting cracked in the head all the time. Probably need to change them every game but that is more than your head is worth. Or maybe take up tennis.

    Art Vanden BergArt Vanden BergPrieš 11 mėnesių

    Roy CRoy CPrieš 11 mėnesių
  • You couldn’t pay me enough to wear that dropped helmet on a ride.

    Amanda WatsonAmanda WatsonPrieš 11 mėnesių
  • In 2 years, my body weight went from 105 kgs to 82 kgs. Divorce is the best regime. So now, new pants for me.

    CaptainDangeaxCaptainDangeaxPrieš 11 mėnesių
  • @FortNine I have an 8 year old Shoei Rf1100 that I would be willing to donate for your testing purposes. It's spent the last 5 years sitting on a shelf, unused.

    driventomadness117driventomadness117Prieš 11 mėnesių
  • "New helmets are filled with resins and oils and that makes them spongy. But these things evaporate, leaving your helmet a brittle shell of its former self. " - F9 I've never heard any evidence for this. "MEA Forensic" did a study of 675 helmets, manufactured from 1987 to 2013. They took EPS samples from uncrashed portions of helmets, impact tested them, and found these hadn't deteriorated with age. These are bicycle helmets, which have exposed EPS, so theoretically even worse than motorcycle helmets. EPS foam hasn't been seen to degrade since it was invented. I call BS on your evaporation statements! And you also suggested than motorcycle gear that is no longer waterproof (i.e the waterproof membrane has been damaged) may also be less safe. This also sounds crazy. Waterproof membranes are fragile by nature, extremely thin and don't enjoy creasing. The idea that the livespan of thick nylon, kevlar and leather is similar is just wrong I love your videos, and like that you're closer to the truth on this than most by dispelling the manufacturer's recommended lifespan figures, but had to comment on at least the EPS evaporation thing!

    Charlie PalmerCharlie PalmerPrieš 11 mėnesių
  • Politics and motorcycling don’t mix.

    Ooygin JardlOoygin JardlPrieš metus
  • Replace beer when empty.

    Thought ChallengerThought ChallengerPrieš metus
  • 4:51

    juan sernajuan sernaPrieš metus
  • 7 December 2017 "Outdated, Dangerous and Dead : When to Replace Motorcycle Gear" 6:19 "Know that a once waterproof jacket that now leaks is a bad sigh of stress seems, busted membranes, faulty zippers. You could be in danger of more than a wet t-shirt" 8 November 2018 "Best Ever Motorcycle Rain Gear" 1:06 "Waterproof garment is treated with DWR, the great stupidity is that when it wears off and jacket starts to soak through. Well people presume the garment is toast and they chuck it and buy a new one"

    AnadiaSharkAnadiaSharkPrieš metus
  • 3:45. i spotted a "spent" front brake lever.

    Delta BravoDelta BravoPrieš metus
  • What's the make and model of the blue riding jacket he showcases?

    James BrewerJames BrewerPrieš metus
  • I had my HJC helmet on the handlebars of my motorcycle when a lady back into my bike and drop the bike the handlebars were inside of the helmet when it dropped is it still safe to wear the helmet the impact was strong enough to break the inside of my cheek pad

    David AcevedoDavid AcevedoPrieš metus
  • Literally threw away two old helmets yesterday.

    The MongooseThe MongoosePrieš metus
  • So if I have a helmet that was used for a year but then I haven’t ridden again for 10 years? Replace or ok to use it?

    James HookerJames HookerPrieš metus
  • I hate that about the D3O. I was swapping that stuff between everything thing I own

    Avid EnduroAvid EnduroPrieš metus
  • Cool people, thanks 4 the advice.

    Carolina NassarCarolina NassarPrieš metus
  • It's unfortunate that you've caught TDS... I thought you were smarter than that ;)

    Mitch KuchenburgMitch KuchenburgPrieš metus
  • Brilliant video, informative, interesting and amusing.

    Iain MckayIain MckayPrieš metus
  • Trump Jokes are cool and all..... but have you seen your prime ***** of late?

    Troy ThalheimerTroy ThalheimerPrieš metus
  • ryan does not care for pants

    AnadiaSharkAnadiaSharkPrieš metus
  • Just get a bigger head to fill out the helmet.

    Filthy SpokesFilthy SpokesPrieš metus
  • You should really focus all your time to content creation. Amazing quality, entertaining, and professional. Create LLC and expense every part of your show’s creation/life. You’re edging up to that 1 million!! Keep going dude!

    Eric ArntsonEric ArntsonPrieš metus
  • I made my driving license with the 20 year old motorcycle gear from my dad only my helmet is new

    Johannes MüllerJohannes MüllerPrieš metus
  • Damn i just realise i’m wearing a museum. 14 yo jacket. Maybe 10 years glove , 7 years boot and 6 years helmet. Took very care of it but yeah... it’s time to a complete change ( so excited to have a reason to )

    fireoilfireoilPrieš metus
  • What do you guys think of carbon fibre helmets?

    馬璽مستأمن馬璽مستأمنPrieš metus
  • I bought my jacket and pants back in the 80's second hand. I do have a long rawhide coat and pants I bought new in 86 but there more for horse riding.

    Ronan DoddRonan DoddPrieš metus
  • And you guys elected Justin Trudeau. A lot of room to talk there bub.

    Winston SmithWinston SmithPrieš metus
    • I'd gladly trade Capt Bonespurs for Trudeau.

      Rob SloverRob SloverPrieš metus
  • FAKE NEWS. YOU can use a Helmet long as you don't drop it forever!

    ScottyScottyPrieš metus
  • Yikes, I've spent a fortune on gear from Kushitani. Didn't realize I had to replace the armor inserts and possibly gloves despite never crashing. I wish our gear was made to last.

    Adam-WadeAdam-WadePrieš metus
  • I wear a custom painted helmet that a friend painted, I have worn it for years, still fits properly and shows no signs of age. Also a good leather well taken care of will last a lifetime, treat it with mink oil.

    Jonathon TsamantanisJonathon TsamantanisPrieš metus
  • Excellent and useful

    Athan DatuAthan DatuPrieš metus
  • No pants?

    Timo Klein KranenbargTimo Klein KranenbargPrieš metus
  • Mmmm you have to watch boots for the soles coming unstuck and the stitching coming errrr unstitched 👍🏻

    Rhiannon studiosRhiannon studiosPrieš metus
  • I had to laugh at the Trumpist who insulted your courage because you made a joke. If that fool knew anything about courage and humor, then he would know that courage is almost always with a person making a joke (and he would not have voted for a cowardly fraud).

    RobstafarianRobstafarianPrieš metus
  • The soles of boots thin out from contract with the road when stopping, pulling away from a stop and general walking. Might want to review that?

    GrimmXDGrimmXDPrieš metus
  • The Trump joke was amazing 5:30

    HITMANHITMANPrieš metus
  • What helmet is Ryan holding? The white one. I’m not in Canada and I can’t access the website to see what model it is...

    Asyraf SuhaimiAsyraf SuhaimiPrieš metus
    • Asyraf use a VPN in Canada.

      Giles PargiterGiles PargiterPrieš metus
  • You need armor? How fast do you drive? 200 mph?

    Douglas CarlsonDouglas CarlsonPrieš metus
  • I wore the giant "astronaut" type helmet when I first started riding, but too heavy and uncomfortable. So it's a fiberglass "novelty" helmet for me with normal work boots and leather jacket or vest. 30 years+ later not dead.

    Douglas CarlsonDouglas CarlsonPrieš metus
  • In the beginning i was a bit confused by his young look. The more i chacked out this channel... The more i realized that this guy gonna get only better.. I have this english car show in mind with the old guy.. Help me out.., 😏

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  • Wait, I'm not supposed to headbutt walls with my new helmet?

  • 05:38 Stick to motorcycling. We get enough political crap from every other source.

    hooeetubehooeetubePrieš metus
    • Just chilled!! A little humour wouldn’t hurt. 🤣

      Eddie ChuEddie ChuPrieš 10 mėnesių
    • y e a h that caught me off guard and just came off as pretentious

      NepetaNepetaPrieš metus
  • Get this orange thing outta office! lol

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  • Ugh, gloves. I destroy gloves. Average of 1.5 pairs of gloves a year or more if I crash them up.

    Adam BowerAdam BowerPrieš metus
  • If you are too lazy to moisturize your boots,fret not my fellow Biker there's a way. Ride an Oil cooled Suzuki. :)

    DexMaster881DexMaster881Prieš metus
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    • You got that offended by a trump joke? Get a grip! You must be short, or compensating. Boohoo Thomas, cry about it

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  • Re: trump joke. "we get it, ur Canadian!" (much love from ur Aussie cousins, long live the queen!)

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